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Business owner's & managers are faced with many descisions regarding how to best implement technology in their business. It can also be challaging to maintain that technology in a secure manner. Digital Rock aims to give owners and managers a source for consultation, planning, & action.


Digital Rock is equipped to build or rebuild the I.T. infrastructure of your business from the ground up. Digital Rock plans from the workstation to the cloud for the purpose of ensuring your final work environment is optimal for accomplishing the tasks that you face daily and leverages the cloud and your local I.T. to best balance power and cost savings.

Mission Tiers


Need your new office to be completely outfitted for work next Monday? Even in our world where cloud services are paramount; real physical wires and machines are typically neccessary for medium & larger sized businesses to operate efficiently. We are engineered to put these systems in place correctly and cost efficiently.


Though spending a couple of days laying out & constructing a physical infrastructure is fun, it's not at all useful without the right software and configuration. We make a priority of listening to your current & expected work flow so that we can be sure that you know what the right environment is for you. Then we will install that environment on your workstations, local network, and cloud.


We stand by the businesses that choose to use Digital Rock for their I.T. needs and that means creating a plan for security, setting it up to be successful, and regularly executing checks, updates, & reviews of your systems. We look to create a work environment for your business that you are comfortable working in and we are integrated in maintaining securly. Much of this managment can be done behind the scenes and Digital Rock looks to serve as your off site I.T. team.

Scope Parameters

Local Machines & Servers

At the bottom of the IT chain are the workstations that each user operates. Each of the units should have an endpoint security, the necessary productivity software and all else will be managed at the level of the server. Your users, printer, and data will all sit at the server level in a reliable network.

Web Presense & Cloud

The internet is an ever more complex place to be, particularly for businesses; but it is also a critical place to maintain a strong presence. We are prepared to design, build, and implement a website for your business that will serve your client to better find and learn about your business. We also use industry tools to ensure that your business remains properly listed across the various sources of information that exist on the internet.

Backup & Recovery

Digital Rock will create for your business a secured backup sequence that we believe best balances cost and redundancy. Our design methodology is such that client computers backup completely to the server, the server backs up to one local storage unit that filters out any possiblility of malware and stores iterations of your work to ensure a constant plan for recovery. The last link is securely copying the malware removed backup to the cloud. By keeping two local iterative backups & one cloud backup, your company is provided recovery capabilities to withstand any unforseen event and recover efficiently.